US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions


03/14/13 Full Committee Hearing Keeping up with a Changing Economy: Indexing the Minimum Wage
03/12/13 Subcommittee Hearing Job Corps Budget Shortfall: Safeguarding Workforce Training for America’s Disconnected Youth
09/20/12 Full Committee Hearing Roundtable Discussion: Pension Modernization for a 21st Century Workforce
07/13/12 Full Committee Field Hearing The Americans with Disabilities Act at 22: A New Generation of Iowans Approaches the Labor Force with High Expectations
06/21/12 Full Committee Hearing Olmstead Enforcement Update: Using the ADA to Promote Community Integration
06/12/12 Full Committee Hearing Equality At Work: The Employment Non-Discrimination Act
05/10/12 Full Committee Hearing Beyond Mother’s Day: Helping the Middle Class Balance Work and Family
03/22/12 Full Committee Hearing Stay-at-Work and Back-to-Work Strategies: Lessons from the Private Sector
02/16/12 Subcommittee Hearing Addressing Workforce Needs at the Regional Level: Innovative Public and Private Partnerships
01/27/12 Full Committee Field Hearing Rebuilding the Middle Class: What Washington Can Learn from Iowa
12/08/11 Full Committee Hearing Tales from the Unemployment Line: Barriers Facing the Long-Term Unemployed
11/17/11 Full Committee Hearing The Americans with Disabilities Act and Accessible Transportation: Challenges and Opportunities
10/18/11 Subcommittee Hearing The Recession and Older Americans: Where Do We Go from Here
10/11/11 Full Committee Field Hearing Leveraging Higher Education to Improve Employment Outcomes for People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
09/15/11 Full Committee Hearing The Future of Employment for People with the Most Significant Disabilities