US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions


02/27/15 Ranking Sen. Murray, Rep. Scott, Democratic Lawmakers Defend Basic Protections for Home Care Workers
02/27/15 Ranking Murray on House Pulling Partisan ESEA Reauthorization Bill
02/24/15 Ranking Murray on Higher Ed: Expand Access, Reduce Crushing Student Loan Burden, and Ensure a Safe Learning Environment
02/12/15 Ranking Murray, DeLauro Introduce Healthy Families Act
02/12/15 Ranking Murray on House Passage of ESEA Reauthorization in Committee
02/11/15 Ranking Murray: GOP Again Defending Big Corporations with Opposition to NLRB Rule
02/10/15 Ranking Murray on Vaccines: “We Can’t Afford to Become Complacent About Protecting the Progress We’ve Made.”
02/09/15 Ranking Murray: GOP Working to Turn Back the Clock, Take Away Workers’ Seat at the Table with NLRB Resolution of Disapproval
02/06/15 Ranking Alexander, Murray Statement on Fixing No Child Left Behind
02/05/15 Ranking Murray Statement on the Anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act Passage
02/05/15 Ranking Murray on Joint-Employer Standard: GOP Defending Policies That Put Corporations Over Working Families
02/04/15 Ranking HEALTH CARE: After Virginia Mason Identifies Outbreak of Infections, Murray Presses FDA to Update Medical Device Policies
02/03/15 Ranking Murray at NCLB Roundtable: Supporting Innovation in Education is a National Priority
02/02/15 Ranking Murray: President's Budget Puts Forward a Strong Vision for All Students to Succeed
01/29/15 Ranking Led by Murray and Sanders, 26 Senators Urge President Obama to Help Workers Get Paid Fairly for Overtime Hours