US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions


03/26/14 Ranking Alexander: Let’s Rewrite “Outdated, Imprecise” Teacher Preparation Reporting Requirements in Higher Education Act
03/25/14 Ranking Alexander: Obamacare a “Thumb in the Eye to Our Constitution’s Protections of Religious Freedom”
03/21/14 Ranking Alexander on 4th Anniversary of Obamacare: Republicans Were Right Then, and We’re Right Today
03/19/14 Ranking Senators Urge Further Clarity and Transparency from FDA on Medical Mobile Apps
03/14/14 Ranking Alexander Statement on President’s Overtime Directive
03/14/14 Ranking Alexander: Proposed Gainful Employment Rule “Will Weaken Both Choice and Access”
03/13/14 Ranking Bipartisan Bill to Help American Families Access Safe, Affordable, and Quality Child Care Clears Senate
03/13/14 Ranking Alexander: FDA “Off to a Fast Start” in Implementing New Law to Clarify Oversight of Compounding Pharmacies
03/13/14 Ranking Alexander, Thune, Hatch, 22 GOP Colleagues Call on Administration to Immediately Rescind Rule Giving Unions a Carveout from Obamacare
03/12/14 Ranking Alexander: Minimum Wage Hike “a Stale, Bankrupt, Ineffective Policy” That Will Destroy 500,000 Jobs
03/06/14 Ranking GOP Senators Call For Details on Administration Plan to Grant Exemptions from Electronic Health Records Regulations
03/04/14 Ranking Alexander: Obama 10-Year Budget Never Balances, Adds $8 Trillion to Federal Debt
02/27/14 Ranking Alexander Opposes Obama Nominee for Surgeon General
02/27/14 Ranking Alexander Highlights Success of Programs for Students with Disabilities at UT-Chattanooga, Vanderbilt at Senate Hearing
02/26/14 Ranking Harkin, Alexander Co-Host Monthly Lecture Series on Deaf Community and Culture