US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions


02/05/15 Ranking Murray on Joint-Employer Standard: GOP Defending Policies That Put Corporations Over Working Families
02/04/15 Ranking HEALTH CARE: After Virginia Mason Identifies Outbreak of Infections, Murray Presses FDA to Update Medical Device Policies
02/03/15 Ranking Murray at NCLB Roundtable: Supporting Innovation in Education is a National Priority
02/02/15 Ranking Murray: President's Budget Puts Forward a Strong Vision for All Students to Succeed
01/29/15 Ranking Led by Murray and Sanders, 26 Senators Urge President Obama to Help Workers Get Paid Fairly for Overtime Hours
01/29/15 Ranking Murray: Wellness Programs Improve Health for Workers, Build on Affordable Care Act Progress
01/28/15 Ranking Murray Statements at HELP Committee Executive Session
01/27/15 Ranking Murray On Investing In, Supporting Teachers Through No Child Left Behind Fix: “We Have to Get This Right”
01/26/15 Ranking Murray Applauds HHS Initiative on Tying Medicare Reimbursements to Value and Quality
01/22/15 Ranking Murray: GOP Proposal to Change Affordable Care Act Work Week Requirements Would Deny Workers Health Care Coverage, Cut Hours
01/22/15 Ranking Murray Statement on Roe v. Wade Anniversary, Continued GOP Attacks on Women’s Health Care Decisions
01/21/15 Ranking Murray Calls for Fixing Broken No Child Left Behind Law, Ensuring All Students Have Quality Education
01/15/15 Ranking Murray Statement on Need for Wage and Overtime Protections for Home Care Workers
01/14/15 Ranking Joint Statement from Senator Murray and Rep. Rosa DeLauro on Expanding Access to Paid Sick Leave
01/14/15 Ranking Murray Statement on Alexander No Child Left Behind Proposal