Alexander: National School Board Has Gone from Dictating State Standards to Judging the Quality of Carpets

Calls on Education Department to immediately rescind 37-page guidance, submit proposal to Congress to approve or reject

MARYVILLE, October 2- U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) today called on the Obama administration to immediately rescind the Education Department’s 37-page guidance issued to instruct 14,000 local school districts from Washington on how to distribute state, local and federal funds to ensure students have equal access to educational resources and instead submit the proposal to Congress to approve or reject.

“This administration’s National School Board has gone from telling states what academic standards they should set to, now, making decisions for our school districts about school wi-fi hotspots, air conditioning systems, performance art spaces or the quality of the carpeting in the hallways. Tennessee’s 1 million public school students are only going to learn what they need to know from the teachers, principals, and school officials who know them best—not from the bureaucrats running the National School Board in Washington.”

He continued, “Enough is enough. Congress needs to take up my legislation, the Every Child Ready for College or Career Act, which every Republican on the Senate education committee supported, and keep these decisions where they belong – in the hands of our state and local leaders.

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