SOUTH BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS- Today, Senator Edward M. Kennedy joined employees of United Parcel Service and The UPS Foundation in the awarding of a $25,000 grant to support the extraordinary work of Partners for Youth with Disabilities in expanding their mentoring program. Senator Kennedy has worked tirelessly on behalf of people with disabilities knocking down walls of discrimination, including authoring the Americans with Disabilities Act. A non- profit organization dedicated to empowering young people with disabilities to reach their full potential, Partners for Youth with Disabilities has served as a statewide and nationwide model for developing one-on-one mentoring programs. Senator Kennedy met with UPS employees, Partners for Youth with Disabilities members and also with individuals who will directly benefit from this award. The UPS Foundation was created in 1951 to champion innovative solutions to social problems ranging from hunger to literacy to volunteerism. Remarks of Senator Edward M. Kennedy UPS/Partners for Youth With Disabilities Check Presentation June 1, 2006 (As prepared for delivery) UPS deserves credit for this achievement. It builds on its already impressive reputation as a company whose talented men and women are genuinely involved in their communities and committed to improving the lives of others. In fact, Fortune Magazine has called UPS “America’s Most Admired” company. For the third year in a row, it earned the top rating in social responsibility. In this age of Enron and other corporate scandals, the men and women of UPS are showing all of us that success doesn’t have to mean a lack of social conscience. Your presence is well known and admired in Boston and throughout Massachusetts, and so are your 7,000 employees, many of whom are proud Teamsters. It’s always an honor to work with friends in the labor movement and we’re hard at work these days to protect your pensions, protect the right to organize, and protect the ability of working men and women to build a better future for their families. UPS could not have picked a more worthy organization to support than Partners for Youth with Disabilities. Your support will make a huge difference. For over 20 years, Partners and their dedicated staff and volunteers have shown all of us what we can accomplish when we share our talents, our energy, and our commitment with our fellow citizens. They’re knocking down barriers every day, so that young persons with disabilities can fulfill their potential and contribute to building stronger communities and a stronger country. We know that disabled people are not unable. Especially now, we need to enable our people to reach their full God-given potential, and to do so, we all have to help each other. The value of the work you all do is obvious in the broad range of support you’ve secured over the years – from the Boston Bruins to the Yawkey Foundation to United Way, the U.S. Department of Labor and so many others. Time and time again, Partners has been a success. You’ve even been honored by the First Lady, Laura Bush. So clearly the word is getting out that Partners for Youth with Disabilities can get the tough jobs done. With this new grant, you take on a strong new partner in UPS, and you begin your third decade of progress more capable and more determined than ever to bring the American dream within reach of all our citizens.Congratulations on this wonderful moment, and thank you for inviting me to share this special day with you. ###

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