Alexander: American Workers and Job Creators Support Nomination of Alexander Acosta to Serve As Next Secretary of Labor

WASHINGTON, March, 21 — Today, Senate labor committee Chairman Lamar Alexander announced that organizations representing American workers—from small business owners to builders to first responders—support the nomination of Alexander Acosta to serve as Secretary of Labor, saying:  

“Alexander Acosta understands how excessive regulation can destroy jobs and make it harder for family incomes to rise. He has an impressive work and academic background, and his nomination has drawn support from workers across the country. I look forward to tomorrow’s hearing in the Senate labor committee and the opportunity to discuss with him how best to create an environment for Americans to succeed in a rapidly changing workplace.”

Mr. Acosta, the son of Cuban immigrants, has served in three presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed positions, including as a member of the National Labor Relations Board. The Senate labor committee has scheduled a confirmation hearing for Mr. Acosta on March 22, after receiving his committee paperwork and Office of Government Ethics agreement. 

Support for Alexander Acosta to serve as Secretary of Labor:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce“We need people at the Department of Labor who have a grasp of the needs of the private sector and the real pressures businesses are under to make a profit while complying with huge numbers of regulations. Enforcement policies underline those. Alex Acosta will bring an understanding of these issues to the Department along with a good sense for what it takes to work with a bureaucracy to get things done. He will also take a reasonable, balanced approach to enforcement issues. He’s a smart, hard-working guy who will be a credit to the administration.”

National Federation of Independent Business: “Alexander Acosta is an experienced public servant with a distinguished record. His knowledge of labor issues and his service as U.S. Attorney make him an especially strong candidate to take on the entrenched bureaucracy, which has imposed unbelievably severe and costly regulations on small business in recent years. We urge the Senate to act swiftly.”

National Retail Federation: “Mr. Acosta’s diverse experiences in both public service and the private sector position him well to be an effective and pragmatic leader at the Department of Labor. The new Labor Secretary will play a critical role in implementing the President’s regulatory reform Executive Orders, and NRF looks forward to working with Mr. Acosta once confirmed on a pro-growth agenda that supports innovation, investments in the workforce, and American competitiveness.”

U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce“R. Alexander Acosta is an outstanding choice for this cabinet position. His record reflects a skill set and expertise both in the private and public sector which will serve the administration and the nation greatly. We are thrilled to work with Acosta on a host of economic and labor issues which directly affect our members and the Hispanic community as a whole.”


International Franchise Association“Franchise owners around the country are facing a great deal of regulatory uncertainty as a result of the wreckage created by the previous administration's out-of-control Department of Labor. Mr. Acosta's exemplary record handling labor issues as a member of the NLRB has shown the appropriate balance needed to protect the interests of employees and employers. Given he has been confirmed with bipartisan support by the U.S. Senate three times, we are hopeful that there will be bipartisan support for his nomination in the U.S. Senate, so a new Labor Secretary can address the regulatory issues facing the franchise model as quickly as possible.”

National Association of Manufacturers“Manufacturers are encouraged by President Donald Trump’s nomination of Alexander Acosta as secretary of labor. Acosta is a proven leader who understands the complexities of the modern workplace… In recent years, regulations coming out of the Department of Labor have too often been overreaching and counterproductive, harming manufacturers’ abilities to create jobs and do what’s best for the millions of hardworking men and women employed in manufacturing careers. Today’s nomination is a positive sign that change is coming.”

National Council of Chain RestaurantsMr. Acosta has served with distinction in important policy and leadership roles over the course of his career, including his current service as Dean of the Florida International University College of Law. In addition to his strong professional and academic credentials, Mr. Acosta has also consistently demonstrated a commitment to public service as a member of the National Labor Relations Board, as an Assistant Attorney General in the Department of Justice and as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida…Mr. Acosta understands the challenges faced by small businesses around the country in navigating an oftentimes complex web of statutory and regulatory requirements imposed by the federal government. Once confirmed, Mr. Acosta will be an advocate for federal policy at the U.S. Labor Department which benefits all stakeholders—including chain restaurants, small businesses, and most importantly, their millions of team members in local communities around the United States.”

League of United Latin American Citizens: “As Secretary of Labor, Acosta will be uniquely positioned to have a positive impact on the hard-working Latino men and women of this country…Acosta's record of public service demonstrates a sensitivity to the challenges facing the minority community. His record also demonstrates a willingness to have a positive impact on those challenges. We are confident that if confirmed, he will serve as a positive force in the Trump administration; ensuring that issues and challenges affecting Latinos in the workplace are given due consideration before policy decisions are made.”

The Latino Coalition“Acosta is the right choice for this important Cabinet position. His leadership skills are stellar and he will work to protect and champion the rights of American workers.”

Laborers’ International Union of North America: “Mr. Acosta, a son of immigrants, has built a long and distinguished career as a public servant including three presidentially appointed positions...Mr. Acosta has an impressive background with strong credentials and an impeccable reputation…Mr. Acosta's fairness and respect for justice make him highly qualified to serve as the next Secretary of Labor.”


Associated Builders and Contractors: “…Alexander Acosta has a strong record of honorable public service and we encourage the Senate to act quickly in setting a confirmation hearing.”

National Association of Home Builders: “NAHB applauds President Trump's choice of Alexander Acosta as his labor secretary. It is critical to have someone in this position who can help America's small businesses and their employees by opposing unnecessary regulations that raise costs, harm job growth and curb wages.”

Associated General Contractors of America"President Trump is wise to nominate Mr. Acosta for the next Secretary of Labor. Acosta has a strong background in employment matters, making him highly qualified to be the next secretary. His broad perspective and experience in labor and governance issues will be a welcomed change at the department as it begins reviewing the host of new and often needless new regulations that have been put in place the past eight years. …The Associated General Contractors of America and its members will work closely with Congress and the administration to ensure Mr. Acosta's swift confirmation.”

National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association: “We support your selection given your strong record on the National Labor Relations Board and your impeccable legal experience”

Seafarers International Union of North America“[Secretary of Labor] is a job that calls for experience, hard work, dedication, and the willingness to make tough decisions that aren’t always popular. Through his distinguished career, Mr. Acosta has demonstrated all these traits, and more. He is, like many of his predecessors in this position, an American success story, and his success demonstrates to all Americans the value of hard work and the opportunities that America provides its citizens – opportunities you can find nowhere else in the world…Given the critical role DOL plays in the enforcement of labor laws, his experience at NLRB and as a prosecutor make him uniquely qualified to lead the Labor Department.”

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America: “Mr. Acosta is an advocate for the middle class. His experience will serve the members of the UBC well. We look forward to working with him as Secretary of Labor to continue to build the skilled American workforce.”

Workforce Fairness Institute: “Mr. Acosta understands firsthand the balance between promoting free-market, pro-growth policies that create jobs and grow our economy while protecting workers’ rights and enforcing strong labor laws and protections. There’s no question he has the background and expertise to serve the American people well.”

Sergeants Benevolent Association“Alex Acosta is a committed public servant who has served with distinction in several positions. He has always served with ability and integrity and demonstrated care and concern for people of all walks of life. We are confident that he will bring the same qualities and skills to the position of Secretary of Labor.”

San Jose Police Officers’ Association“[Mr. Acosta] is a committed public servant who has served with distinction in several positions.  He has always served with ability and integrity, demonstrating care and concern for people of all walks of life.”

International Association of Fire Fighters: “Mr. Acosta is truly an American success story. The son of Cuban immigrants, he has achieved success in multiple governmental positions, the private sector and in academia…I first became acquainted with Mr. Acosta when he was the Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice. We had several sensitive issues regarding promotions and hiring issues. Mr. Acosta approached the issues in fair and dispassionate fashion. I was very impressed with his acumen and professionalism.”

Society of Human Resource Management: “Alexander Acosta would bring to the role of Labor secretary experience as a member of the National Labor Relations Board and as assistant attorney general for the U.S. Department of Justice’s civil rights division. With those experiences comes an important understanding of labor relations and civil rights. …SHRM welcomes Acosta’s nomination.”

Hispanic National Bar Association“Today’s nomination demonstrates that diversity does not come at the expense of highly skilled and experienced candidates for this presidential cabinet. The nomination of the son of Cuban immigrants, with a demonstrated commitment to public service and our nation, is just one example of qualified and diverse individuals around the nation that will not only help lead the government but also better reflect the citizens it serves.”  





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