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Alexander: Education Negotiators Deserve Thanks for Protecting Classrooms from National School Board

WASHINGTON, April 20 – Senate education committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) today made the following statement in support of the negotiated rulemaking committee members who refused to accept the Education Department’s proposed “supplement not supplant” regulation, which goes against the law.

"I’m grateful for the hard work of the negotiators who believe the Education Department should follow the law that Congress wrote. I’m sure they are frustrated not to reach a consensus, but they deserve everyone’s thanks for protecting our nation's classrooms from unelected bureaucrats in Washington who seem determined to act as a national school board for 100,000 public schools. And they have my promise that I’ll use every tool at my disposal to back up their hard work and see that the law is implemented the way Congress wrote it.”

The Education Department must now go through the formal rulemaking process for its proposed regulations.