Democrats Block Enzi Amendment to Give Americans Affordable Health Care Options

Washington, D.C. – Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee today defeated anamendment from Senator Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) that would have driven down health care costsand given Americans the freedom to choose affordable health insurance options that meettheir needs and budgets.

“Every American should have the freedom to choose a low-cost, affordable optionthat meets their budget and health care needs,” Enzi said. “The Finance Committee bill doesnot give people affordable options. The bill penalizes those who do not purchase high-end,expensive plans, regardless of what they want, need, or can afford.

“We need to bring down health care costs and give people more affordable options,but the government mandates in this bill will keep pushing health care costs higher andhigher for average Americans. Requiring plans to cover more and more services and forcingpeople to purchase these expensive policies will inevitably drive up costs for all Americans.”The health care bill that the committee is currently considering includes burdensomegovernment mandates that would require nearly every American to purchase expensivehealth care plans. It would not allow Americans to purchase plans with low monthlypremiums and higher out-of-pocket costs.

The Enzi amendment would allow Americans to choose quality, affordable options withlower monthly premiums and protections from high out-of-pocket costs.

“Right now, a 35-year-old in Wyoming can purchase catastrophic health care coveragefor just $63 per month. Under the new requirements in the Finance bill, his minimum monthlypayment would be $323 per month, according to independent estimates. This bill is going todrive up costs and people in Wyoming and across the country aren’t going to be able toafford the insurance we’re requiring them to purchase.”


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