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Enzi Supports Repeal of Health Law and 1099 Tax Burden

Washington, D.C. – Tonight Senator Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), Ranking Member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee voted in support of repealing the burdensome health law. Enzi also voted in support of repealing the harmful tax provision included in the health care law. He was pleased that Senators joined together in recognition of the harmful impact of the 1099 tax provision on small businesses. He cosponsored a similar measure to remove the 1099 provision offered by Senator Johanns.

“I said long ago, when given the opportunity, I would vote to repeal the health law. The American people deserve a second vote on this law which was forced through Congress last year. The health care law increases the cost of care and actually reduces consumer choices. Further, the underserved and uninsured populations this law originally hoped to address will now be forced into Medicaid, our nation’s worst health insurance program.  This law is bad for Americans, and bad for our economy.”

“Over the past two years, taxpayers have been asked to foot the bill for a failed trillion-dollar stimulus, while unemployment continues to rise. From new tax burdens to new mandates, the health care law creates insurmountable obstacles for many businesses, particularly small businesses, to create jobs and grow the economy. Today Senate Republicans sent a message that we will keep our promise to overturn the current law, and instead, expand coverage, lower costs and promote economic growth.”