Subcommittee Hearing Roundtable Discussion: When Terror Strikes - Preparing an Effective and Immediate Public Health Response

Senate Subcommittee on Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness Date: Thursday, July 14, 2005 Time: 12:00 AM Location: Dirksen 430

There was no video broadcast for this event.


Panel I

  1. Tara O'Toole
  2. Elin Gurskey
  3. Dr John M. Clerici
  4. Geroge Barrett
  5. Churck Ludlam
  6. David P. Wright
  7. Clay Elward
  8. Leah M. Devlin
  9. Bronwen A. Kaye
  10. George W. Conk
  11. David Franz
  12. John Pournoor