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Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging Subcommittee

Diverting Non-urgent Emergency Room Use: Can It Provide Better Care and Lower Costs?

Time: 10:00am

Panel I

  • James Macrae

    Associate Administrator
    Bureau of Primary Health Care, Health Resources and Services Administration, United States Department of Health and Human Services
    Rockville, MD

Panel II

  • Debra Draper

    Director, Health Care
    Government Accountability Office
    Washington, DC
  • Peter Cunningham, PhD

    Senior Fellow
    Center for Studying Health Systems Change
    Washington, DC
  • Alieta Eck, MD

    Founder & Co-Director
    Zarephath Health Center
    Zarephath, NJ
  • Dana Kraus, MD

    Family Practice Physician
    Northern Counties Health Care
    St. Johnsbury, VT

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