Full Committee Hearing Roundtable on Hurricane Katrina: Rebuilding Lives and Communities

Senate Committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions Date: Thursday, September 8, 2005 Time: 12:00 PM Location: Dirksen 106

There was no video broadcast for this event.


Panel I

  1. Michael Casserly
  2. Dr Leonard Merrell
  3. Dr Diane Roussel
  4. Dr Eddie Johnson
  5. Craig Pouncy
  6. Maggie Rivers
  7. Perry Taylor
  8. Perry Fulton
  9. Dr Jennifer Leaning
  10. Lisa Cox
  11. Charlie Ware
  12. Mark Shriver
  13. Kenneth Weigand
  14. Joseph E. Savoi
  15. Kathleen Smith
  16. Major Marilyn White
  17. Maurice Emsellem


Those in need of accommodations, including closed captioning for webcast hearings, should contact the Committee at 202-224-5375 or accessibility@help.senate.gov. So as to best enable staff to make arrangements, please call or email at least 3 business days in advance of the hearing.