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Draft Proposal to Improve Drug Distribution Security

Policy Options Draft for Stakeholder Discussion

This discussion draft reflects an ongoing effort to develop consensus policy on drug distribution security. This draft contains brackets and a menu of policy options for some issues around which developing consensus is most challenging. Chairman Harkin and Ranking Member Enzi of the HELP Committee, Chairman Upton and Ranking Member Waxman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, as well as the offices of Senators Bennet, Burr, Alexander, Whitehouse, Grassley, and Feinstein, and Representatives Dingell, Bilbray, Pallone, and Matheson request that stakeholders provide written responses indicating and explaining the preferred policy options, where applicable, as well as any other comments to the draft proposal. Please submit your written comments by 6pm on Wednesday, November 7, 2012, to each of the following:  Kathleen Laird ( in Senator Harkin’s office and Grace Stuntz ( in Senator Enzi’s office, Carly McWilliams ( in Representative Upton’s office, and Allison Corr ( in Representative Waxman’s office.

Please click here to see the discussion draft