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WASHINGTON, D.C—Today, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Chairman of the Senate Health,Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, released the following statement in response to thecloture vote on the Employee Free Choice Act. “The American people spoke up—loudly and clearly—in the last election, saying they want aCongress that stands up for working families. The Employee Free Choice Act is exactly thekind of bold action they were calling for. It is a key part of the Democratic plan to help thestruggling middle class and restore the economic security that has been lost during the Bushyears. Today, I am proud that a majority of my colleagues stood up for working families. Iregret that more of my Republicans colleagues do not share this vision for a better America.Their obstructionism has stopped us from moving to debate on this important bill. Today’s vote sends a clear signal to the American public about which party stands withworking people -- and although we were blocked today we will not give up and we will notgive in. I can promise that we will be back. There may be obstacles along the way, but we’llkeep up the fight until we get a victory for working families.” ###