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KENNEDY FIGHTS FOR PAID SICK DAYS Supports online rally to raise awareness

WASHINGTON, DC— Today, Senator Edward M. Kennedy issued the following statement on the launch of the online rally for paid sick days at “To help stem the alarming outbreak of flu, health officials are urging sick workers to stay home from their jobs and sick children to stay home from school. But for millions of Americans, staying home is not an option. For half of all private sector workers, taking a day off because of illness means losing their pay or even losing their job. They’re forced to stay at work, risking their own health and potentially infecting others. I commend these men and women for sharing their stories online. If Congress pays enough attention, we’ll be able to pass the Healthy Families Act and require employers to grand seven days of paid sick leave a year for hardworking Americans to deal with their emergencies. We can help families and protect the public health at the same time.” ###