Murray Statement on President Trump’s Reckless Threat to Withhold Payments to Insurers


(Washington, D.C.) – Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), top Democrat on the Senate health committee, issued the following statement on President Trump’s comments seeking to undermine and damage our health care system by withholding payments to insurers:


“Last night’s threatening comments by President Trump make it alarmingly clear that he is still considering ripping our health care system apart just to score political points, regardless of the devastation it will cause for millions of Americans. But let’s be very clear: President Trump and Republicans have been actively working to sabotage our health care system all along—and they are going to have to answer to every family who loses coverage, faces more uncertainty, or has to pay more in health care costs as a result.


“Rather than using Americans’ health care as a bargaining chip, I hope President Trump ends his attempts to create Trumpcare-by-sabotage so that we can work together to actually make health care more affordable, more accessible, and higher quality.”