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After years of struggling with rising college costs, help is on the way for students across thiscountry. We have pledged here in the United States Senate that it doesn’t matter where you’re from.What matters is where you’re going. And no American should be denied the right to go to college because of money.Today, the Senate made education a priority in this country again. Not since the GI Bill havewe seen such a commitment to the nation’s young people and their futures. Students and their families have been crying out for change. They called for more opportunities to attend and pay for college. They asked for the doors of opportunity to be opened. And they demanded an end to runaway lender subsidies in the face of higher student loanrepayments. We heard their call, and passed a bill that will help millions. We shined a light on lender practices, increased aid, provided tools for debt management,simplified the federal process for applying for aid, and provided relief for public servants.Last week, the Senate passed a bill that will immediately increase the Pell grant. The increasewill help millions of low-income students go to college. The struggling middle class will get the tools they need to manage their student loan debt.We capped monthly repayments at 15% of a graduate’s income so that they don’t have todecide between paying rent or paying their student loans. We’re also making it easier for students who want to give back through public service.After ten years in a public sector job, the federal burden will be forgiven. A whole new generation of public defenders, nurses, firefighters, and teachers will be able toserve their communities. Today, we also tackled lender ethics, the simplification of the FAFSA and college costs.We’re working to give our students—and their families—the tools they need to pay for collegeand to compete in a global economy. Today’s victory isn’t just a win for America’s students and their families. It’s a victory for theAmerican people, and an investment into the future of this country. ###