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Alexander on NLRB General Counsel Ruling McDonald’s Shares Responsibility for Franchisees’ Employees


Washington, D.C., July 29– U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the senior Republican on the Senate labor committee, today released the following statement on reports that the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel determined that McDonald’s holds joint employer responsibilities of workers at its franchisees’ restaurants:

“Imagine being an owner of a franchise business and being told that all the employees that you recruit, hire, train, pay, promote, and work alongside day after day are actually another company’s employees, too. The NLRB General Counsel’s absurd determination ignores decades of precedent and plain old common sense in what can only be an effort to help labor unions add more members. It’s time to change the Board for good and ensure it’s the umpire it’s intended to be, not the advocate it’s become.”