Enzi: By any measure, Reid bill a failure

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) today made the followingremarks as the Senate moved closer to a critical vote on whether to move forward onthe Reid health care bill:

“The Majority Leader has jammed ten pounds of entitlement spending into a fivepound sack. But he is not fooling the American people. The voices of August are stillechoing and coming from a vast majority,” Enzi said.

“We need health care reform to ensure quality, affordable care for allAmericans. Unfortunately, the Reid bill would increase health care costs, do nothing toimprove the quality of care, and threaten our nation’s jobs and economic growth.“Where’s the quality? Where’s the affordability? What happened to coveringeverybody? By any measure, the Reid bill is a failure.

“I hope to defeat this bill so that we can move forward to work on real, bipartisanhealth care reform,” Enzi said.

Video and full text of Senator Enzi’s speech will be available at www.enzi.senate.gov.


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