Enzi: New Reid Bill Worse than the Old Bill

Washington, D.C. – Although details of the latest Reid health bill are still not available for Senators or the American people to read, reports indicate that the latest proposals would make “a bad bill even worse,” U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (RWyo.) said today.

“I really would like to see this marvelous new idea that’s going to solve the whole problem, but the Majority still hasn’t shown it to us or the American people. If it were really that good of an idea, I think they would have shared it already,” Enzi said.

“From what we know, it sounds like these new proposals are going to make an already bad bill even worse. The latest version of the Reid bill would speed the bankruptcy of the Medicare program, increase premiums for current Medicare beneficiaries and make it harder for seniors to see the doctors they need.

“Doctors, hospitals and other providers are telling us this won’t work. If you think it’s hard to see a doctor on Medicare now, wait until you see how this massive Medicare expansion drives even more doctors away.”

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