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Sen. Murray Statement On Announcement of Investigation Into Epstein Case By DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility

Washington, D.C. – Today U.S. Senator Patty Murray issued the following statement on the Department of Justice (DOJ) announcement that its Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has opened an investigation into the DOJ’s prosecution of serial child rapist Jeffrey Epstein.


“As I’ve made clear, it’s crucial that we understand fully whether DOJ policies were followed with respect to Jeffrey Epstein, and if they were, why there are policies in place that allowed a wealthy, well-connected man to commit horrific, serial abuse with such insultingly minimal consequences. Given that the office in charge of this investigation has a history of opting not to disclose its investigations, it is especially important that this investigation be nonpartisan and performed by career ethics officials, not political appointees—and that the results be shared in full with members of Congress regardless of party. I will also continue exploring additional steps to ensure the public has the information and independent investigation into this appalling case that it warrants.”


The Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General last week declined a request from Senators Murray, Kaine, and 14 other Senate Democrats to investigate DOJ’s handling of the case, citing a statutory prohibition in the federal Inspector General Act of 1978. Under that law, specifically Section 8E(b)(3), allegations of misconduct regarding the conduct of DOJ personnel in their official work may only be investigated by DOJ’s own Office of Professional Responsibility, which is led by an individual who reports to the Attorney General.