US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions


10/30/14 Ranking Alexander: Obama Administration’s Gainful Employment Regulation “Not the Way to Weed Out Bad Actors”
10/30/14 Chair Harkin, Durbin, Murphy, Cummings on Department of Education's Final Gainful Employment Rule and For-Profit Task Force Announcement
10/28/14 Ranking Harkin, Alexander Will Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Speed Development of Ebola Treatments
10/28/14 Chair Harkin, Alexander Will Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Speed Development of Ebola Treatments
10/24/14 Chair Harkin Marks 20th Anniversary of Bill to Protect Consumers, Clarify Regulation for the Dietary Supplement Industry
10/22/14 Ranking Alexander Bill Would Give Tennessee 100 Percent Control Over Common Core and Tennessee Schools
10/17/14 Ranking Alexander Statement on Obama’s Appointment of Ron Klain
10/15/14 Ranking Alexander Calls for Restricted Travel from Ebola-Infected West African Countries to U.S.
10/14/14 Ranking Alexander: Obamacare Costs to Tennessee Patients, Taxpayers “Nothing Like Tennesseans Were Promised”
10/09/14 Ranking Alexander: 5 Economic Facts About Millennials Under Obama Administration
10/08/14 Ranking Alexander: Out-of-Control Obamacare Costs Force Wal-Mart, Others to Cut Benefits for Tennesseans Working Part-Time
10/07/14 Chair Harkin Statement on Department of Labor Announcement Concerning Implementation of Home Care Labor Rule
10/07/14 Ranking Alexander, Johanns Call on Obama Administration to Suspend Rule That Could Threaten Access to In-Home Care for 12 Million Americans
10/07/14 Ranking Alexander: Tennessee’s Small Businesses Hurt Most by Job-Killing Obamacare Taxes
10/07/14 Chair Fourteen Attorneys General Support Harkin, Durbin, Cummings Bill to Improve Federal Oversight of For-Profit College Industry