US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions


05/21/15 Ranking Murray, Democrats Launch Effort Highlighting Benefits of Prevention and Public Health Fund for Families and Communities
05/21/15 Ranking GAO Report Shows Drastic State Cuts to UI Benefits Harmed Job Seekers & Increased Costs for U.S. Taxpayers
05/21/15 Ranking Alexander, Murray Announce Higher Education Act Reauthorization Working Groups
05/21/15 Chair Alexander, Murray Announce Higher Education Act Reauthorization Working Groups
05/20/15 Ranking Murray: Accountability is Key for Protecting Taxpayer Dollars and Helping Students Succeed in Higher Ed
05/20/15 Chair Alexander: If Colleges Share in the Risk of Student Loan Defaults, They Can Help Reduce Overborrowing—and the Cost of College
05/19/15 Ranking EARLY LEARNING: Murray Introduces Strong Start for America’s Children Act
05/19/15 Ranking Murray: Stronger Protections Needed to Eliminate Workplace Discrimination
05/19/15 Chair Alexander to EEOC: Agency with Critical Task Has Gotten Far Afield of Mission
05/19/15 Chair Alexander Praises Tennessee and Other State, Federal Health Officials for Quick Response to Deadly 2012 Meningitis Outbreak
05/18/15 Ranking Murray Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Head Start
05/18/15 Chair 32 Senators Urge FDA to Provide Clarity to Businesses Before Enforcing Menu Labeling Rule
05/14/15 Chair Alexander to NLRB Chair: Board Seems to be Moving to Undermine State Right-to-Work Laws
05/13/15 Ranking Murray to GOP: Extreme, Unconstitutional Restriction on Women’s Reproductive Rights Is Going Nowhere
05/13/15 Chair Bipartisan Student Loan Reforms Drop Student Loan Rates for Next School Year